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Automatic Biomedical Analyzer

Automatic Biochemical Analyzer (ABA) is an instrument to measure certain chemical composition in the body fluids in accordance with photoelectric colorimetric principle.

Design Implementation


The automatic Biochemical Analyzer (ABA) is an instrument to measure certain chemical compositions in body fluids in accordance with the photoelectric colorimetric principle. Now, it is widely used at all levels of hospitals, epidemic prevention stations, and family planning service stations for its fast measurement, high accuracy and a small dose of consumption. It can greatly improve the efficiency and earnings of routine biochemical tests.

This Design should take into account 600 instruments and reagents used on this instrument, and other products sold currently by the company. Under the premise of without changing the company as a whole VI recognition, pattern recognition can be designed creatively, especially different from DIRUI products, to reflect recognition unification of this series of products. This design must meet the criteria of extending recognition.


The creative use of a guide groove on the operation interface makes operations more direct and convenient, and an integrated functional partition map can effectively reduce the medical risk caused by wrong operations.

This product is designed for the hospital inspection section. It takes full consideration of the coordination with other medical products and the comfortableness, habituation, and recognizability of users.

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