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Waterwheel Washer

Design Implementation


Waterwheel Washing Machine combines the traditional Chinese water wheel with the modern spinning washing machine. For people who live near water but do not have an electricity supply, it helps with the laundry in an economic and zero-carbon manner.

The water wheel is one of the oldest mechanical devices and is driven by natural power. Prior to electrical grids, people who lived alongside rivers used water wheels for agricultural activities such as irrigation and grinding.


Interaction Process


Step 1: Sliding door open

Put dirty clothes into the machine


Step 2: Sliding door closed

Driving by water cleaning cloths.

The periphery of the washing machine is inset with vanes, which are hit by the flowing river water and drive the machine. The body of the machine is divided into three separate ‘cabins’, which allow three families or individuals do their laundry at the same time. Within each cabin, triangular ridges of timber assist with agitating the garments.

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