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Straw Paper Cup

You can get a paper straw at any time and anywhere from the paper cup

Design Implementation


Disposable cups and straws have been widely used in fast-food restaurants and cafes. Although disposable paper cups are common, straw is still made of plastic, which is not environmentally friendly. In addition, straw needs to be taken specifically and separately from cups, which is inconvenient. To solve those two problems, the straw carried by the paper disposable cup is created. The structure of this cup is just as simple as adding the straw to the top of the original cup via a saw shape joint so that the straw can be easily torn down from the cup when it is needed.

Design Challenges

In what kind of ways to simplify the inconvenience when using Straw and paper cups, uttermost to reduce the pollution of usage? How to realize the recycling of materials without increasing the manufacturing processes and the cost to produce the paper cup? In the meantime, it is convenient for customers to use straws whenever and wherever possible. After all, the challenge of the design is how to balance those aspects.




Compared with the traditional paper cup,  the straw paper cup has only increased the materials of straw, but the Straw can be recycled after use. In the process of manufacturing sector only increased one process that jag the fan-shaped paper, the cost is almost not increased in mass production.

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